OPTIONAL: Take twin wall all the way to the stove (scenario 1,2,3,5,6,7,9,10)

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Usually a stove fitter will insert the twin wall flue into the room by 45cm or more. Then there is a change to standard steel vitreous pipe all the way to the stove. However, sometimes he will take the twin wall the way to the stove. This may be useful as twin wall flue can be as close as 7cm to combustibles (whereas standard vitreous pipe must be 3X its own diameter from combustibles unless shielded when it can be 1.5X). Plasterboard walls are usually treated as combustible by Building Control Inspectors (obviously so if attached to wooden battens) and a standard vitreous pipe can be too close.

Instead of black vitreous pipe in the room you can install twin wall all the way to the stove. You get a "fatter" looking pipe (twin wall is 2" fatter than standard vitreous pipe because it is insulated by an inch all round). 

You can still have a problem with the STOVE being too close to the wall. In this situation you may have to shield the wall or replace the plasterboard/combustibles behind the stove with an A1 fire rated material. As an example one cut away the plasterboard and battens and fit a thin metal plate, painted the same colour as the wall. Or one could fit a Vlaze heat shield.

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