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Vitreous/adaptor useful items kit for liner, sealing plate & vitreous and adaptor connections


These are included free with all Fitting Packs.

Useful items kits contain lots of useful bits and bobs for your stove installation:

• 4x long screws with a six-sided head: used to attach adaptor-sealing-plate-combi (9” square) to your chimney closure plate (drill 4 pilot holes in closure plate first).
• Magnetic nut-setter x1: for long screws above.
• 10x small self tappers: used to strengthen the joint between two pieces of vitreous pipe (two per joint, one either side of pipe) and to secure the liner to the adaptor-sealing-plate-combi.
• 1x high-strength drill bit 3mm for pilot holes.
• 1m length fireproof sticky-back webbing: Can be used on stub nose adaptor where it goes into the vitreous pipe (makes it a tight rather than a loose fit, two thicknesses may be required). Webbing can also be used where the bottom end of vitreous enters stove (depends on the stove whether it is required or desired). You can use instead of fire cement if a snug fit.

Top tip: No fire cement or glue of any kind is used when connecting vitreous pipe to vitreous pipe - it is just push-fit. When to use fire cement on flue joints? Use the SEARCH function and type "sealing flue joints".

Customer Reviews

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Review of bits and bobs

This is a very useful pack of assorted screws and seals. I needed to join my flue pipe to my vitreous pipe and these were the perfect size pack without having to buy a pack of 100. Handy to be sent out with a drill bit. Makes light work of installation. Would definitely buy again. Would suggest doing different size packs or customisable packs to up the number of screws

hendon stove

Stove on its 5th test burning and giving excellent results. Very pleased A+
also excellent service received for all parts, fast delivery, and excellent quality