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SOLD WITH STOVE: Log basket, Stove Thermometer & Moisture Meter

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Excellent delivery service and a lovely stove

Very impressed with Stove Fitters Warehouse, I needed some advice before ordering and gave them a call, Julian was very helpful and informative giving me a good idea of the difference in price range, in the end we went mid-range which was the top end of our budget but seemed worth spending the extra for somethiing which should now last a lifetime. Good delivery too, the guy helped get the stove into the house which was no mean feat as it was 80kg or so!

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Clean, modern design that really puts out heat

#9852 ordered the DG Iver 5 after much research - and am very happy. It was definitely worth the extra outlay. The fitter was really impressed with it too, saying that the design is lovely, the control simple and very effective, and it was easy to fit.

I have run it gently a couple of times and it is so much better then what it replaced. It will definitely keep a stone house warm in cold and damp weather. It also doesn't eat fuel like the old stove either - a couple of logs an hour is all it needs to give out a good heat.

I love the simple design - modern but fits well in an old house and a big fireplace!

And I was also happy with Stovefitters - good service and communications about the delivery and sorting out problems with the courier.