The Hobbit (4kW) Stove + £150 materials voucher to use at checkout ("stove only" please call)

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One image shows Hobbit with brass fittings and Gallery rail. These are additional extras.
DESCRIPTION: So cute - say all the girls. The Hobbit is a traditional little cast iron stove and probably the most famous small wood burning stove on the market. During late 2015 the Hobbit was featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and this caused a huge sales spike and a temporary national Hobbit shortage. The Hobbit is manufactured by Salamander Stoves. 
Hobbit stoves are usually found in snugs, yurts, garden offices or any small room.
Hobbits are perfect for the smaller recess.



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  • Do you offer free delivery? Can I use the 150 fitting materials towards delivery?

    Free delivery OR use the £150 materials offer ;-)