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Woodford 5 Widescreen 5kW+ Ecodesign Wood Burning Stove

Fuel/heatshield options


Wide stoves have seen excellent sales since the first models slipped into showrooms during 2016/2017. A wide stove means a big glass and a big glass means a happy customer with a wide smile.

The Woodford 5 Wide, new for 2018, is the same as the Woodford 5 but wider. For the avoidance of any doubt the Woodford 5 is narrower than the Woodford 5 Wide.

Glass is 285mm by 380mm when looking from the outside of the stove.

Tested by us 4th September 2018. Works beautifully. Very controllable and lots of heat. Arran says "very, very impressed" and Arran is very, very fussy (likes lots of heat in the office). Emma also happy in the office and it takes a lot to get her to lose the bobble hat (then we get to find out what colour hair she has for the week).

This is an excellent stove that is sure to be a hit with installers (5" liner allowed) and users (lifetime body warranty, wideness).

Woodfords, narrow and wide, are UK manufactured and assembled in Devon and have a lifetime body guarantee (so live long).

It is not just what you know but who you know. The Woodfords are approved by the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) as Ecodesign-ready. Best to Google this but the planet, the neighbours and the Mayor of London should all be on your friends list when a Woodford joins the family.

THIS PAGE IS BEING UPDATED OVER THE SUMMER 2020 and hence has limited information.

Customer Reviews

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Wood ford 5kw multi fuel stove

Really good quality stove would highly recommend them to any one that wants a nice little wood burner for a new build .Also I would I like to recommend stove fitters as they where very knowledgeable and great to deal with 5* rating

Great log burner... multi-fuel is a little less impressive.

I have a Woodford 5kW Widescreen and have been very impressed with its log burning capabilities. Very efficient, highly controllable and great heat that emitted from the stove. I have had a little trouble getting solid fuel to slow burn over night, having tried a number of different HETAS approved fuels, which I put down to the grate design, which is highly integrated into the firefox and restricts the flow of air to the centre of the box. This restriction is great for control, but limits air flow from beneath to the centre of the firebox, meaning that air flow to the solid fuel mass is not overly well distributed.

All in all, happy wiith the build quality and would recommend highly if you wanted to burn mainly wood, but for solid fuels I would not give this stove top marks and have knocked off a star for this reason.

As for the other reviews at the time of writing, 3 of these are from the same person, apparently associated with this site, and another from that seems to be the director of the company that manufactures Woodford stoves, the company name that Ryan H states in his name label, which would lead me to question the objectivity of these comments!

Hi Tony B. Many thanks for the review! When the Woodford was launched I asked for a couple of staff reviews and also asked Ryan, the MD of the company who actually distribute these stoves for a review - to get the reviews started. Ryan does however have one fitted in his own home. I got the idea from Waterstones when I saw 'staff reviews' of books. Ryan is of coursed biased, as are we, as we sell these stoves ;-) Hence O made sure his company name and that of Stovefitter's were part of the review. We have removed two brands from our online offerings because of performance issues and lost money because of this and if a range does not perform as it should it will not form part of our portfolio. I have cut the staff reviews for this stove down to just the one. I do think that many of the new Ecodesign stoves work at their very best with wood as a fuel but will continue to monitor these designs.