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Mediterranean vibe!

The BBQ took longer to arrive than originally quoted - but that was due to covid. The BBQ is very heavy, arrived in a well packaged crate in pieces. My husband put it together by himself, but two people would make the job easier. My husband was pleased with the clear, easy to understand instructions provided on how to build it. Once assembled it really does look the part. A sturdy mediterranean BBQ. We used it for the first time tonight and were very pleased. We are hoping to get a second grill shelf (but have yet to find the right size) . Overall we are very pleased and would recommend it. 5/5


Not received the bbq yet therefore unable to review it


Material: Masonry

Fuel: Wood or Charcoal

Material & Fuel

Material: Masonry

Fuel: Wood or Charcoal


Width: 2050mm
Height: 1000mm
Depth: 570mm


Width: 2050mm
Height: 1000mm
Depth: 570mm


Masonry BBQ

Made in Portugal

Made from only the finest materials

Key Selling Points

Masonry BBQ

Made in Portugal

Made from only the finest natural materials

Julian's Thoughts

Perfect for outdoor grilling and feasting and can use wood or charcoal.

Julian's Thoughts

Perfect for outdoor grilling and feasting and can use wood or charcoal.


About the Woodford Masonry BBQ

Summer is Coming...

Here at Stovefitter's we cannot get enough of lighting fires. So in the summer we get a bit fidgety and have to have the matches taken away from us. But we found a solution!

Masonry BBQ's (similar to brick BBQ's) are perfect for outdoor grilling and feasting and can use wood or charcoal. This one is made in Portugal from finest materials.

The Woodford Sorrento and Verona barbecue grill has four settings with granite tiles behind and below the firebox for protection.

The masonry unit is easy peasy to assemble and all cement adhesive is included.

The difference between the two models is in the chimney material colour.


These are made in Portugal from natural materials. They will sometimes have material blemishes and minor material repairs. Stone/granite components in the cooking area can crack with heat and this is not considered an unexpected event. The integrity of the barbecue will not be affected and there is no reason why your BBQ should not stand for many many, many years to come (these are popular throughout Europe).

No rust!

Unlike metal masonry does not rust and aesthetically we find these Spanish-style masonry BBQ's much more pleasing on the eye than the metal boxes. Just store the metal fire tray away for the winter and wash down again in the Spring! Easy peasy!

High demand for masonry barbecues during the summer of 2020

Possibly due to folks staying home last summer these masonry barbecues were in very high demand and it will likely be the same for 2021! We had 50 a week arriving throughout last summer. You can see from the main image above if we have stock left on a particular delivery and we will be working hard to keep this info updated. If you order you will see a calendar where you can pick a date.



Masonry BBQ

Unlike metal masonry does not rust and aesthetically we find these Spanish-style masonry BBQ's much more pleasing on the eye than the metal boxes.


Charcoal or Wood


BBQ Dimensions

Height: 2050mm
Width: 1000mm
Depth: 570mm
Cooking Area: 540mm – 330mm

Side Table Dimensions

Width: 620mm
Depth: 330mm
Height: 600mm

Log Length

Max log length: TBC

masonry bbq dimensions


sorrento and verona instructions
masonry bbq fitting instructions

Personal Experience

Building Julian's BBQ (over weekend of 27/28 June 2020)

I started selling these BBQ's at the start of June 2020. One of my suppliers is importing them and he said: "everybody's stuck at home on lockdown and these are going well, you should add them to your website". So I did. To be honest, partly so I could then justify getting one for myself at home, for "testing purposes". Well, they have sold rather well to be honest and we have had trouble keeping up (especially as the Portuguese supplier decided to move all the shipping dates back a couple of weeks at one point).

I have a confession to make... until a couple of days ago I hadn't even seen one. That's a bit embarrassing but, to be honest, I thought we might just get a sale or two and I would have time to get one up and running for testing. At least mine arrived with the first batch of 50 anyway... the rest of you are probably right now in your gardens, scratching your heads over your crate or arguing with the other half about whose fault it was one of you trapped your fingers trying to get a slab of granite out. I did actually ring one guy who left a message yesterday and he said "too late mate it's all built, looks proper smart". The quality is actually very good. Not quite sure what I was expecting but I certainly did not expect everything to be so heavy. This is all proper heavyweight stone and granite pieces. My pallet weighed between 300 and 400 kilos. Many of the bits are a two-person carry. My wife said "the pictures do not do these justice, they are beautiful". Happy wife, happy life (there will be emails).

So I better get it built then...

Note: Please also follow the "official instructions", PDF file above somewhere. My choice included the side stand so you may have less bits in your crate ;-)

masonry bbq on a pallet
masonry bbq assembly 1
masonry bbq assembly 2
masonry bbq assembly 3
masonry bbq assembly 4
masonry bbq assembly 5
masonry bbq assembly 6
masonry bbq assembly 7
masonry bbq assembly 8
Gone to the beach
- Julian Patrick, site owner and author Stovefitter's Manual

Lighting, cooking and eating on my new masonry bbq

Finally it has stopped raining, although it is still rather windy, and we can put this masonry bbq through its paces. A quick trip to Sainsburys and I have a bottle of my favourite white wine (Chateau Souverain Californian Chardonnay £9.50) and a finest, aged thick-cut Ribeye steak (£9.50 as well). I don't usually spend this on a steak but, as this is a special occasion...

Some time ago I saw, on some culinary show or other, a restaurant that cooked huge and fatty juicy-steaks over the red embers of an open wood-fire. This is in my mind as I step out, head held high, onto our decking (just the same but with no tv cameras or guests or payment for my work).

My wife's not helping as she is vegi, so she is on the the sofa watching This Farming Live (cows, sheep, you know... ;-). Don't worry - we'll be cooking plenty for her as well shortly.

She loves the BBQ by the way, says it looks great on the decking and is better quality than expected - all that lovely granite and stone. I have been informed (twice so far) that I must look after it and not leave the grill minging for days after the event. Also not to put greasy tools on the granite because "you'll stain it".

Fast forward an hour and she is correct... shit... (I shouldn't have said that she was daft and it would just wipe off). So even granite stains with hot fat (luckily the granite is complex in material and you'll generally not notice). Worth knowing though men - stay out of trouble (I say "men" because likely they'll be taking over when this thing arrives and women know these things anyway).

But back to the decking...

I light the masonry barbecue using four small firelighters (eco-friendly), a pile of charcoal, and a small pile of kindling (throw a bit of everything in strategy). No problems getting it going at all. The wind is not a problem because the newly-lit fire is protected on three sides.

I would say the fire is ready to use in about twenty minutes ish. I spread and fan the embers a little so I have a bed of red embers and then add the fat steak - on the lowest rung of the four choices. The aim is to chargrill the outside of the steak and this takes no more than a few minutes. Prior to adding the steak I coated it in olive oil and added a sprinkling of rock salt.

Of course, as soon as fat starts dripping from the steak you do get a few flames kicking off and a hissing and a spitting. All good fun.

With a fat steak you do have to give it a fair bit of time (unless you want it really pink in the middle). I chargrill both sides of the steak then move it up to the top rung for a further ten minutes. I also baste a little extra olive oil to stop it drying out (Rick Stein I'm coming for you ;-)

The end result? I get quite pissed. Oh the steak you mean? I never expected to say this as my culinary (have to watch the spelling on that one) skills are not great. But this was the best steak I have ever eaten in my life. Perfectly cooked and very tender and juicy. Combined with crusty bread with Cornish butter, glass/es of cold Chardonnay and salad leaves fresh from the garden (coated with white wine vinegar, olive oil, light sprinkle of chunky salt and coarse ground pepper) I can tell you happily that this was a very successful event and I am very pleased with my new masonry bbq.

Tomorrow's Tandoori chicken is already prepared.

That's my summer evening meals sorted: meat/fish and produce from the garden. Happy days.

Now I've just got to find some friends...

















Delivery Promise

We offer 14 days from delivery to report any courier damage to your stove. If a stove is damaged by the courier we will replace or refund as desired.


We will happily strive to match any price you may have from any other supplier as long as the other supplier has it in stock.
Offered an "ex-display" or "shop soiled"? We will strive to offer you a new stove for the same price.

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