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Julian Patrick, author of the Stovefitter's Manual

Stovefitter's Warehouse is owned and managed by Julian Patrick, blogger and author of The Stove Fitter's Manual. Julian was previously a full-time installer of wood burning stoves (including solid fuel heating systems). He laid down the tools in 2013 to write his wood burning stove manual and open a small shop in North Wales (the Wood Stove Hut, soon to grow into The Stovefitter's Warehouse).

"Everybody deserves to be warm and safe" Julian Patrick

More info about the company and Julian's team here

We specialise in the supply of wood burning stoves and install materials (we do not sell gas, oil or electric stoves).

We despatch daily, UK-wide.

We stock many of the finest UK brands including DG, Saltfire, Hobbit, Hamlet, Ekol, Arada, Flavel, Heta Island Pellet Stoves and more.

We test wood stoves, one log burning stove a month and disregard any models found wanting.

Our top sellers are DG Ivar 5, Hobbit, Saltfire Peanut Bignut, Saltfire Peanut 5, Firewire, Flavel Arundel, Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen, DG Ivar 8, Saltfire Scout, Woodford Lowry, Saltfire Peanut 3, Heta Inspire 45 and Ekol Applepie.

We sell 904 316 chimney liner, twin wall flue, stove pipe and more.

In our Stovefitter's Manual we have DIY advice on hearth sizes and rules, chimney lining, register plates, heat shields, fireplace breakouts, conservatory installs, shed installs, garage installs and more.



What is a woodburning stove? A multi fuel stove? Should I choose wood or multi? Can I burn coal or smokeless fuel? Steel or cast iron when wood burning? What about a pellet stove? Is burning wood a good choice for the environment? Do I need a chimney? What heat output should I choose?



Too many wood stoves to choose from! We test a different stove every month.

Here is our pick of the best, a carefully curated selection of the top 10 Ecodesign wood burning stoves on the market for 2021...

What is Ecodesign? Best Ecodesign 5kW stoves...



No permissions or sign-offs required in most sheds, shacks and garages

Lockdown meant many had to work from home: sheds, garages, snugs and spare rooms across the land were converted into home offices.
Also see our shed chimney kit...



Find all of our wood and multi fuel stoves here. Sort by brand, output, price, style, fuel, features and more...

Want to look just at contemporary log burners - we got you covered. Cast iron only? Sorted!

Find your perfect stove...



Written by Stovefitter's own Julian Patrick this is a comprehensive online guide to stove installation and choice.

This manual is the perfect guide for those installing or self-installing LOG BURNERS.

DIY just got easier...

Tree of Knowledge


Click above image or this link to download the PDF of The Stovefitter's Tree of Knowledge


Some of our top-selling models have over 100 customer reviews (the DG Ivar 5, a modern stove, with a cast iron door has 150 plus reviews).

What better way to make sure that the stove you choose is amongst the very best on the market today?

We are also monitored by Trustpilot where we have over a thousand customer service reviews with over 96% of reviews Great or Excellent.



We will happily strive to match any price you may have from any other supplier as long as the other supplier has it in stock.
Offered an "ex-display" or "shop soiled"? We will strive to offer you a new stove for the same price.