We specialise and excel in the sale of wood burning stoves, wood-burning pellet stoves and install materials (we do not sell gas stoves, oil stoves or electric stoves).

From our warehouse and showroom we ship stoves, daily, all over the UK. We stock many of the finest brands. We test all of the stove models we sell, one stove a month, every month.

The majority of our installation materials are manufactured by premier manufacturer: Duraflue, the choice of many Hetas installers. We do not install.


Julian was for many years a full time registered Hetas installer (in some cases including full radiator systems). Julian's own stove is a DG Ivar 5 (although he does rather fancy one of the new wood-burning pellet stoves) and he can usually be found on Live Chat.

Arran has 12 years stove retail experience and has a Firewire stove at home. He certainly knows his flue pipe from his twin wall chimney.

Ray is our resident clip-together twin wall chimney designer. Jacqui helps Julian in the office. Chris and Ryan assist with web design.


Some of our top-selling models have over 100 customer reviews (the DG Ivar 5, a modern stove, with a cast iron door has 150 plus reviews). What better way to make sure that the stove you choose is amongst the very best on the market today?

Our customer service feedback is managed and monitored by Trustpilot where we have over a thousand customer service reviews with over 96% of reviews Great or Excellent.

Our product feedback is managed by Judge.Me.

Island pellet stoves

Choosing your fire

What is a woodburning stove? A multi fuel stove? A wood-burning pellet stove? Should I choose wood, pellet or multi? Can I burn coal or smokeless fuel? Steel or cast iron? Is burning wood, in whatever format, a good choice for the environment? Do I need a chimney? What heat output should I choose? Explore our infographic: "Choosing a wood or multifuel stove" to find out more.

Top 10 Ecodesign 5kW stoves 2021

Too many wood stoves to choose from! Here at Stovefitter's we test a different stove every month and have been doing so for years. Here is our present selection of the top 10 Ecodesign woodburning stoves on the market for 2021...

Island Pellet Stoves (no chimney needed)...

What is Ecodesign? Best Ecodesign 5kW stoves...

Sales of small wood burning stoves soar...

Lockdown caused many to have to work from home: sheds, garages, snugs and spare rooms across the land were converted into home offices. What better than a small logburner in a room to provide heat and add a little atmosphere.

Check out our favourite small wood burning stoves... and our shed chimney kit...

DIY? The Stovefitter's Manual will help

Written by Stovefitter's own Julian Patrick the Stovefitter's Manual is a comprehensive online guide to stove installation and choice. Chapters detail everything: initial survey of the property, stove and fuel choice (coal, wood or pellet), hearths, fireplace breakout, chimney lining, clip-together chimney systems, rules and regs,carbon dioxide safety, smokeless zones, wood pellets, smoke tests, installing a boiler stove for hot water and central heating, and lots more...

Stovefitter's full stove portfolio...

Find all of our wood, multi fuel and pellet stoves here. Sort by brand, output, price, style, fuel, features and more...

Want to look just at contemporary stoves - we got you covered. Cast iron only? Sorted!

All of our stoves are freestanding rather than the fireplace-insert variety.

Recent media nonsense...

Sheffield study about indoor air quality appears to be nonsense. A modern Ecodesign stove will hardly change the reading of an indoor air-quality monitor (cooking or lighting candles is a different story altogether).

London politicians blame fire and wood burner type solid fuel stoves for smog that is actually caused, in the main, by traffic (and open fires burning coal as a fuel).

Wood fuel is renewable and a valuable part of the climate change challenge. Find out the real story...

Questions... questions...

What is a chimney liner and do I need it?

If you plan to use your brick or stone chimney then most likely you will need a chimney liner. A modern wood burning stove will perform at its best when the chimney is lined. More...

Buy chimney liner here...

How do I measure my chimney?

So I'm buying chimney liner for my new wood burning stove. How much should I buy?

And what else do I need? 

But I have no chimney! Can I still have a woodburner?

No problem... we can design your chimney for you and you will have that log burner. No reason to not have your dream wood burning stove coupled with an excellent flue system. Simples.

Check out the latest balanced-flue wood-burning pellet stoves (no chimney needed) by Island Stoves.

Who is behind this wood stove website?

Well that's me: Julian. I have fitted lots of wood and multifuel stoves in the past as a full-time installer in the solid fuel industry. I also wrote the Stovefitter's Manual. We started in 2013 and you can find out more here... where you can also meet Arran and Reg.

Where can I find installers?

We do assist many DIY installers but some of you will prefer somebody else to do the hard work. Why not give one of these stove installers a call? You can still buy from us and some of the installers are happy for you also to provide the materials… Or try Hetas
Wood-burning pellet stoves with a balanced flue can be fitted by the manufacturer.

Frequently asked questions

This is our main FAQ page.

Don't forget the search function top-right corner of the site: could save you a lot of time :-)

Can I self install?

In the UK you can self install your own stove or you can get a HETAS registered installer (other schemes also available) to install for you. Self installing involves asking your local council Building Control to sign off your work. If the stove is in a non-habitable building, such as a garden room or shed, then no signing-off required (habitable is not easy to define but if building is not slept in and not connected directly to main home then we would say no signing off required). More here...

How close can my stove or flue be to wood? Or my sofa?

Stoves and flues can get very hot and so need keeping away from combustible materials. A freestanding stove has its own rules, vitreous flue pipe has another set of rules and clip-together twin wall has another set of rules! Heat shields can be used. Find out more about heat shields and distances to combustible materials...

A life with real fire...

How to light your wood burning stove

Logs at the bottom and plenty of kindling on top. Use eco-firelighters to fuel your initial burst of flame. Also, add some lightly scrunched newspaper and light at the same times as your firelighters. This sends a quick punch of heat up the chimney to get the draw going, and knocks out any cold bubbles of air that can, believe it or not, block your chimney!

Does your stove sometimes spill smoke when you light it or add fuel? Glass go black? Read on...

Ten reasons to own a wood burning stove...

Switch off the heating and save £££'s? Increase the value of your property? That's just our first two reasons. Much more heat than an electric fire and more romantic than a gas fire. Logburners are loved by many and wood is a renewable source of fuel. Find out why here...

Now that's what I call a stove

Pictured is the DG Odin a beautiful, round wood burning stove. Rather nice I am sure you will agree. I also like this pad in Washington with its RAIS wood stove. One can dream...

Have you considered pellet stoves?

If only one could buy a pellet stove that looked more like the stunning, modern wood-burning stoves in today's stove showrooms... that don't require a chimney... that can run all evening without reloading... that light themselves (on a timer if required)? Well now you can. Check out these beauties from Island Stoves...

Eco firelighters

Traditional firelighters can stink of meths or some other nasty chemical. We use these natural firelighters and they burn just as well.

Have you tried heat logs?

Heat logs are a useful backup should you run out of wood. They are usually made of compressed sawdust (waste from woodyards). More recently we have tried these coffee logs, made from the waste collected from coffee shops.

All burn super hot and create minimal ash.

Stove looking a little tired?

There are plenty of brands of "stove polish" and "grate polish" on the market that really do bring a tired looking stove back to its former glory. Dirtbusters, shown above, gives a slight sheen of black whilst others will present a "pewter" grey/silver look (this is usually the case when the promotional material shows the word "graphite".