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904 316 Chimney Flue Liner Silvacore 5" 6" German Engineered


About Silvacore Liner

Silvacore is created on a German-made machine imported to the UK. Only two brands are made on the machine and one of the two brands is Silvacore. I have Silvacore in my chimney (Julian Patrick, author of The Stovefitter's Manual).

A flue liner is not a product you want to fail within just a few years. Silvacore is designed for professional trade-fitters desiring a premium product for chimney lining.

Silvacore chimney liner is created from TWO compressed stainless-steel layers and this unique laminate stays smooth when the product is passed around chimney bends (with a lesser-quality liner the laminate usually comes apart when dragged through bends - allowing acids from soot deposits to enter and later cause corrosion).

904 and 316 are grades of stainless steel. If you are a heavy user of coal/smokeless fuel then one would be advised to ensure that, as a minimum, the inside layer of your liner is 904 grade.
Silvacore is available in three levels of quality:
316 (15-year guarantee): suitable for non-eco-design stoves, wood-only fuel use, light use. This liner has an inner core of 316 stainless.
904 (30-year guarantee): suitable for all stoves and all fuels (including eco-design stoves), light to medium use. This liner has an inner core of 904 grade stainless.
W3G* (Lifetime Guarantee): suitable for all stoves and all fuels (including eco-design stoves), heavy use and for those who really do not wish to replace a chimney liner for as long a period as possible. This revolutionary product has a treated double-layer of 904 grade stainless.
Unlike most other brands (where the layers separate on bends) Silvacore can be fitted any way up in the chimney.
TOP TIP: Slumbering a stove or "banking it up" overnight can shorten the life of the liner. This is because the bad stuff in the gases is not burned off and condenses within the liner. Slumbering is bad for liner, cowl and the environment. Don't do it. Do not mix wood with coal or smokeless fuel (moisture in wood reacts and creates Sulphuric acid). If you insist on slumbering you must choose W3G.
*As is the norm with chimney-liner manufacturers, chimney liner CANNOT be returned as this is a customised cut-to-length item direct from manufacturer on your behalf. So please measure and choose carefully.


  • This is the first liner to have passed a V2 corrosion test using soot.
  • The exhaust gases of highly-efficient Ecodesign stoves are of a lower temperature than older designs of stoves and this means that condensation within the liner can occur (as in gas condensing boilers). This condensation can mix with soot and cause corrosion within liners. The inner liner of W3G is Soot Resistant class G: The exhaust system is suitable for both solid and liquid as well as gaseous fuels. There is no corrosion on the inner tube of the chimney by the exhaust gases of these fuels.
  • W3G is a patented, pre-treated and profiled 904L grade steel.
  • With the introduction of Ecodesign stoves the industry is starting to see inferior liners fail. W3G is the solution.
  • All companies manufacturing or reselling liner offer guarantees. But it is worth noting that a sample of your liner may be tested to discover traces of "non-allowed material" e.g. paint, varnish etc. Manufacturers can even work out if a stove has been over-fired for lengthy periods. If a manufacturer feels a liner has been "abused" then they may refuse to replace. W3G has a ten-year NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE and you will be covered regardless of circumstance (coupled with the usual lifetime guarantee for normal and fair use).
  • Only two brands are licensed to use W3G technology: Silvacore and Duraflue. Silvacore is manufacture in the Duraflue factory.

Choosing a liner

Choose the best you can. Guarantees are great but no manufacturer will ever pay for the removal of your old liner or the fitting of the new liner.

Must I line my chimney?

How to measure chimney?

Fitting packs


316: 15 years

904: 30 years

W3G (double-core 904): LIFETIME

* Assumes proper fuels burned.

W3G first ten years NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE

Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Seems perfect.

I installed this items about 5 months ago and now, going through winter all I can say is that it seems to be working perfectly. It was easy to install and great that it can be installed either way around. I feel happy I have a 30 year guarantee, and wish the other woodburners in my house had this flue liner too.

904 316 flue liner

The liner purchased was of a very good quality. The liner was much heavier and thicker than any liner that I had installed previously. The service was good answering my questions before I bought the items. The delivery was made promptly as advised. All the other fittings bought at the same time. My only criticism was that I was not advised that I would need a length of fire rope to join the liner to the adaptor that was purchased at the same time. Overall good product sound advice and prompt delivery.