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904 316 Chimney Flue Liner Silvacore Professional 5" 6" Designed in Germany





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Liner designation: EN1856-2T600N1DV2L50008G 


About Silvacore

Silvacore is created on a German-made machine imported to the UK. Only two brands are made on the machine and one of the two brands is Silvacore. I have Silvacore in my own chimney (Julian Patrick, author of The Stovefitter's Manual).

 A flue liner is not a product you want to fail within just a few years. Silvacore is designed for professional trade-fitters desiring a premium product for chimney lining. 904 Silvacore has a 30-year guarantee against failure via corrosion. 316 Silvacore has a 15-year guarantee against failure via corrosion.

Silvacore is created from TWO compressed stainless-steel layers and this unique laminate stays smooth when the product is passed around chimney bends (with lesser-quality liner the laminate usually comes apart when dragged through bends - allowing acids from soot deposits to enter and cause corrosion).

904 and 316 are grades of stainless steel. If you are a heavy user of coal/smokeless fuel then one would be advised to choose 904 grade. As is the norm with chimney-liner manufacturers, chimney liner CANNOT be returned as this is a customised cut-to-length item direct from manufacturer on your behalf. Liner can be cut with a hacksaw. Unlike most other brands (where the layers separate on bends) Silvacore can be fitted any way up in the chimney.

TOP TIP: Slumbering a stove or "banking it up" overnight can shorten the life of liner. This is because the bad stuff in the gases is not burned off and condenses within the liner. Slumbering is bad for liner, cowl and the environment. Don't do it. Do not mix wood with coal or smokeless fuel (moisture in wood reacts and creates Sulphuric acid). Silvacore 904 should last 30+ years and I recommend it above all others. Julian Patrick. Author Stove Fitter's Manual.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 188 reviews
Excellent Quality Flue

Easy to fit, bi directional flue liner which doesn't fall apart on bending (unlike other low quality flues). Highly recommended.

Best liner I’ve fitted

The silvacore is a fantastic liner. Will be my go to from now. Don’t buy cheap, buy the best. (Yet not the most expensive)

Burley Debdale

This Burley Debdale is being sold at an excellent price with great offers on the extras. Upon completing the purchase, the delivery company called me to arrange the best day for delivery to ensure that I was at home. When it arrived, everything was carefully packaged and labelled making it easy to get started with the installation.
The stove and fitting pack materials are of very high build quality, and Burley had even thrown in a few little gifts for good measure. From my research, this is one of the most efficient wood stoves on the market at the moment and it is made in the UK. We are extremely pleased with it.
There has been superb communication and support from the Stove Fitter's Warehouse throughout. If you are doing a self installation, I would highly recommend buying the fitting pack, and using their online installation guide. They tell you exactly what you need to buy, how to fit it and it has proved invaluable.
Thank you very much to all at Stove Fitters Warehouse!

Silvacore 904 316 Chimney Flue Liner

Fantastic service from Stovefitters Warehouse, I would highly reccomend using this company for all your Stove requirements. Fast customer service and delivery!

ORDER #9160 Order of 5M Silvacore 904 316 stainless Steel Flue liner

Stovefitters have been absolutely fantastic. I learned all the info on their website, how to prepare fireplace and chimney breast and how to install stove and liner. I ordered liner over telephone, very friendly on phone, and parts arrived within two days. The Silvacore liner was of a very good quality, very well made and sturdy, I straightened the coiled liner out, as only 5 metres long as I have a bungalow. I went onto my bungalow roof, fed liner down the chimney pot, went back down and connected the stainless adaptor and vitreous flue, connected to my stove collar, back onto roof and connected stainless terracotta rain cowl, and the job was done..all on my own. Definitely worth using Silvacore, as can be installed either way up, and is very strong, does not come apart and still flexible. I would not use any other make of Flue liner, I have peace of mind with its durability and quality of manufacture. Many thanks Stovefitters for your excellent service. I only every company was run like yours, the world would be a better place! Mr Pascoe