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Stovefitter's Manual

The manual is designed to be used alongside Document J of the Building Regulations for wood burning stoves, England & Wales (stoves without boilers) and Document G of the Building Regulations England & Wales (stoves with boilers), coupled with any advice provided by your local Building Control. Note that regulations for Scotland and Northern Ireland differ. Other regulations may be applicable (e.g. for electrics if adding controls to wet systems). In all cases you should not rely on this manual alone.

Purchasing stoves/materials

Before you start

Fireplace opening


Chimneys and liners

Stove fit: to flexi liner in chimney

Stove fit: direct to chimney

Stove fit: if you have no chimney

Stove fit: inset and cassette stoves

Stove fit: boiler stoves

Important checklist before lighting

Miscellaneous articles (may be outdated)

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