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Wood burning stoves - buyer's guide and installation advice. Welcome to The Stovefitter's Manual.

Everything you need to know about buying and installing a wood burning stove

Choosing your first wood burning stove? You have come to the right place. Let me, Julian Patrick guide you through the buying process so you end up with one of the excellent logburners that are on the market today and not one of the models that will cause you to curse and rage. Self installing or managing an install? We have that covered as well.

I have been involved with wood burning stoves for many years (many as a full-time installer) and I spend my time today assisting others to choose, buy and install a log burner. It is what I enjoy doing so please do not be afraid to pick up the phone.

Here's to hot fires on cold winter days :-)


How to install a wood burning stove front cover
How to install a wood burning stove rear cover

Purchasing a wood burning stove - a guide to buying

Choosing your first wood burning stove can feel, at first, like the rabbit sat in front of the car headlights. There are so many to choose from. What size do I need? Wood or multifuel? Do I need a DEFRA approved stove? Should I buy a Chinese stove? Let us guide you through with this simple guide to buying your new wood-burner. Don't forget to check out our "choose your stove" infographic a little further down the page. Next-day delivery on all of our stoves. Six-month money back guarantee even if stove used.

Best selling wood burning stoves (these are our three best sellers of the moment)

Don't want to spend time trawling the web or the shops to find the best wood burning stoves available? These are our best selling stoves at the moment and three of the finest on the market. Note that we test all the stoves we offer (for at least 40 hours each design), before they are allowed on to our site. Available today with free delivery and a six-month no-quibble money back guarantee (even if used).

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Best selling tiny wood stoves (these are our three best sellers of the moment)

What's not to love about a small, cute wood burning stove. Perfect for the smaller space: snug, shed, glamping, home-office boat or van.

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Sold out
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Before you start your stove installation

Before you buy your first log burner you need to know a few things. Are you going to self-install or are you getting an installer in? Can you legally DIY the project? How much will it cost?

Pictured is the DG Ivar: the best wood burning stove we have ever tested

Fireplace opening

Now we are getting into the DIY zone. This may still be worth a read even if getting an installer in but we do go into some serious fireplace renovation situations. Many UK homes have an old fireplace just screaming out for a modern eco design wood burner. Many fireplaces can be "opened up", made larger to add character and enable a new wood burning stove to be installed. It is often cheaper to get a builder in for this work as stove installers charge much more per hour and it is usually the most time consuming part of the job. Or why not DIY it? Even if getting an installer in for the burner there is nothing to stop you giving them the smallest possible task to keep the bill down.

Best selling 8kW wood-burning stoves (these are our two best sellers of the moment)

These are our best selling larger wood burners. Built for the larger room they kick out some serious heat. The Peanut is cast iron and contemporary and has taken the market by storm since its launch during 2018. The Ivar, a little more expensive is an understated masterpiece.

Anything above 5kW and you will need an air vent in the room. Don't worry too much, unless your property is rather airtight you will get away with a hole not much larger than a golf ball.

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Hearth (what your wood burning stove sits on)

Home is where the hearth is - or so the saying goes. It is a legal obligation that your new logburner sits on a suitable hearth to define a safe area and protect the floor underneath the hearth.

So what will yours be made of? Slate? Granite, tiles?

Competition launched Sat 23 May 11am

Chimneys and liners

If you have an existing chimney chances are your new stove will perform at its best if the chimney is lined with a stainless steel liner. It is not obligatory though. Read on...

Stovefitter's fitting pack

Our little pack to make installation just that little bit easier. It is always so frustrating starting a job and the, half way through, find you need a certain tool or widget or screw. We have got you covered.

Fitting pack

Includes "Useful Items Pack"

Next day delivery

Stove fit: to flexi liner in chimney

So you have purchased your new wood burning stove and your liner is in a coil in the garden. What next?

wood stove adaptor
wood burning stove cowl
wood burner fireplace lining

Stove fit: direct to chimney

If you are one of the few who does not line your chimney this section is for you.

Cast iron & contemporary Peanut stoves: the best selling stoves of winter 2019/20

Stove fit: if you have no chimney

No chimney? No problem. Use a modern clip-together "twin wall" chimney system. We can even design it for you (Free service) and send you all the parts.

Modern twill wall chimney systems are being fitted a lot more often than in the past. Many modern homes do not have chimneys and the ease of fitting a clip-together chimney versus a brick or stone chimney has certainly ensured growth in this market. Another advantage is that a twin wall chimney can go almost anywhere in a property - meaning that a wood burning stove can go almost anywhere. Stove in a bedroom? Why not. Stove in the bathroom - it is not as uncommon as you might think.

It's all about imagination...

Free gift: A, B, C, D or E

Logburner free items with stove purchase

Delivery promise (14 days to report any damage)

WHY YOU NEED OUR Exceptional guarantee (6-months even if stove used)

What if I get a lemon? What if I'm unhappy when I unwrap it? What if it does not agree with my chimney?
Chimney and stove not agreeing with each other? Although rare it really does happen and it is usually cured by swapping the stove for another. Why? Who knows? We have had a few stoves that "whistled". When we swapped the stove the problem stopped but when we put the stoves on a different chimney they do not whistle. We have had a few stoves that let smoke into the room when refuelling - swap the stove and the problem is cured. Test the stove on a different chimney and all is well.
Most retailers will not replace or refund if it is a problem with the chimney. You will have to sell your stove yourself (at a great loss as stove second-hand value is very poor) and purchase another.
If your stove's retail price is under £1500: Should you not be happy with your stove for any reason, within the first three months from purchase, we will arrange to have the stove collected from your premises (we pay first £48 delivery collection cost, covers most UK postcodes, you pay additional in rare situation cost rises above £48 for any reason). Stove installed and has been used? No worry. We will pay you up to £100 to have it removed by a Hetas registered installer.
As soon as the stove is back with us we will provide a FULL REFUND of the cost of the stove. We will even post you a pallet and straps as required (you will need to prepare it ready for our driver). This exceptional guarantee lasts for a full three months from date of delivery EVEN IF THE STOVE IS USED as long as normal wear and tear.
Between three and six months, we offer exactly the same but without the £100 stove-removal offer.
On this, you have my word.


Julian Patrick
Managing Director Stove Fitter's Warehouse and Author of The Stove Fitter's Manual


*The "exceptional money-back guarantee" applies only to black stoves or stoves that have a retail value inc. VAT of £1,500 or less. INSET OR CASSETTE STOVES ARE NOT INCLUDED. STOVES NOT ADVERTISED ON are NOT INCLUDED.

Stove fit: inset and cassette wood burning stoves

Although we do not sell inset or cassette stoves I have fitted a few in the past


Stove fit: boiler stoves

Boiler stoves can heat hot water and radiators. Such a simple and beautiful way of adding warmth to a home. It is not for everyone and there's a fair bit involved but if you are planning a complete renovation it is certainly worth thinking about.

Important checklist before lighting your newly installed wood burning stove

Miscellaneous articles (may be outdated)

Julian Patrick author of the Stovefitter's Manual

Article by Julian Patrick, author of The Stovefitter's Manual. Wood burning stove installer (including solid fuel heating systems). Laid down tools in 2013 to write The Stove Fitter's Manual and open a small shop in North Wales (the Wood Stove Hut). Launched Stovefitter's Warehouse soon after due to fast growth of sales. Own stove is a DG Ivar 5.

Articles need working on indexing etc. ignore!