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Favourite 5kW wood burning stoves

We are proud to present our favourite 5kW wood burning stoves. 5kW is our most popular heat output and suitable for the average UK lounge (typically 5m x 6m x 2.3m) or similar).

80%+ of our sales are of the models in this collection.

All our stoves have passed the stringent new European 2022 Ecodesign tests and have been certified "Ecodesign 2022".

All have been tested by us in our Chapel showroom/office on a standard chimney for at least 40 hours and often many hundreds of hours (we have up to three stoves on all winter and rotate regularly).

All of these stoves we would happily have in our own homes. Stovefitter's team members all have stoves: Arran has a Firewire, Emma a Saltfire ST-X5, Julian a DG Ivar 5, Jacqui and Ray an Ivar 8.

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