Saltfire Peanut 5 Stove - With "Fast Flame" For Easy lighting Ecodesign Wood Burning Stove

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Peanut - Light your fire, and fast!

Imagine for a moment that it is deepest mid-winter, Game of Thrones style. You are sofa-deep in your newspaper, book, or magazine (or more likely the latest video box-set). You lay down your reading material (or reach for the remote) and head off to replenish your drink/grab a sandwich/take a moment. On your return, you notice that the fire is almost out. You frown. Kindling, firelighters, small logs, a bigger log or two on top. Not that all over again?

We have all been there. It's a chore. We enjoy lighting the fire - but once is enough.

But owners of Peanut stoves chuckle to themselves. A few red embers left? A derisory smouldering? No worries - the Peanut will deal with it. Who needs kindling? Just add your logs and open the Peanut's Primary air control: this concentrates airflow within a small square at the centre of the stove's base and is very powerful indeed: a wannabee fantastical flame-thrower. As long as you have just a few small red embers to work with, your logs will light, and at speed.

And that is just one of the reasons why we love the Peanut range.

Not just that, of course. Finally, a contemporary stove range manufactured in cast iron. Here at Stovefitter's, this makes us very, very happy. There are examples of cast-iron stoves till going strong after a hundred years of use so well done Saltfire for such an innovative range - and Ecodesign-Ready and can be used in smoke control areas as well.

Cast iron stoves are well known for strength and durability but also for retaining heat long after the flames start to fade (although with "Fast Lighting" you will not be worrying too much about "the fade").

The Peanut 5 is part of a brand new range of stoves from Saltfire launched to the market during January 2019. It has an attractive, contemporary design, an 80% efficiency rating and a large viewing window and is available in standard and tall versions. The stove can be swept-through so no need for a soot door in your flue pipe.




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Peanut 5

I chose this stove because it looked really good, was cast iron and could be fitted in our tight builder’s opening. I had to be creative to fit in the offset (can screw flue collar on from inside) and as it weighs 80kg we had to carefully slip it in on some Perspex strips. I am pleased with the stove and I like the black iron plated interior with firebricks just on the base. Lights easily, burns well. Actually fitted another in our other room. Duraflue components were good quality and Stovefitter’s exceeded my expectations.

Bignut 5

Great stove and great service, self installed using this website which is a great resource. Easy light feature is great. Far prefer this stove to my last (burley hollywell)

Fab stove

Fab service and delivery. Just got the stove fitted and it’s looks great and fab quality all round. So far so good seems to be everything it says it would be. Loving it


Had my tall bignut installed for a few days and I love the quality and look of the castings. All the parts are simple and should be easy to maintain. It lights easily and will reignite quickly from embers. I can recommend this stove.

Bignut 5

Nice stove and we are pleased with the product and service.

A few handy tips if you are a self installer and new to the game -

1. The paint is VERY soft before it is cured (before the first few fires). Treat the stove with kid gloves and avoid any scratches to the soft paint before it is cured.
2. Make sure to read the instructions on first firing and paint curing etc
3. If you are installing the stove before your room is plastered then protect it whilst the plaster dries out otherwise it can get condensation on it / in it which causes it to rust (it's cast iron).
3. I broke the glass after installation - the glass insurance was brilliant!

Stovefitters were great but the delivery services were average (no fault of stove fitters) and wouldn't let us check any of the parcels - mark them as "not inspected / driver wouldn't wait" if you find that you need to.