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Our range of multifuel stoves

We present our carefully-selected range of multifuel stoves. All stoves tested to ensure you do not get a lemon. Multifuel stoves are generally made from steel although a few are made from cast iron (Ekol and Saltfire both have cast-iron models). Steel multifuel stoves will often have cast-iron doors. The trend is away from smokeless fuel/coal towards wood due to the latter being a renewable resource.

*Note that some of these stoves can burn smokeless fuel and coal straight from the box. Other stoves may need you to purchase a multifuel kit.

What fuels can you burn?

On a multifuel stove you can burn wood, smokeless fuel or coal. It is not a good idea to mix wood with either of the other two as moisture in the wood can mix with sulphur to create Sulphuric acid and this will likely damage flue systems, liner and stove glass.

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