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Hobbit Stove 4kW+ Multi Fuel / Wood Burning


One image shows Hobbit with brass fittings and Gallery rail. These are added extras.

The Hobbit stove is a small wood and multifuel cast iron classic and a favourite amongst our customers. Free shipping. Free 10-year glass insurance. Free no-quibble 6 mths guarantee.

So cute - say all the girls. The Hobbit is a traditional little cast iron stove and probably the most famous small wood burning stove on the market. During late 2015 the Hobbit was featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and this caused a huge sales spike and a temporary national Hobbit shortage. The Hobbit stove is manufactured by Salamander Stoves. 

Hobbit stoves are usually found in snugs, yurts, garden offices or any small room.
Hobbits are perfect for the smaller recess.



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Purchasing Hobbit SE

Excellent advice and service from Arran on the best stove to purchase to fit into our existing cast iron surround. We were invited to view the stove in-store before committing and once decided it was delivered within a few days. Highly recommended.


Made up with our little hobbit looked at quite a few and this is the best a little friend in the corner

Size isn’t everything!

But small is beautiful. Delightful little stove, fits our space perfectly yet still throws out the heat. Easy to clean and maintain. Good value for money. Great people to deal with. Thank you.

The Great Hobbit

The Hobbit is a great little stove, it may be small but it heats our lounge perfectly just what we needed looks good too.

A lovely burner if you have a very small space

We love our Hobbit! We have a very small fireplace and the stove fit perfectly. It is a very small burner and so I would suggest that you measure carefully to make sure that it isn’t too small. We haven’t used it that much yet but have found it easy to use and it does kick out a good amount of heat for such a small burner. We obtained the log stand before installing which made it sit a bit taller. Stove Fitters fulfilled the order well, although it did not initially arrive on the specified delivery day. This wasn’t a problem for us but could have been annoying if we have booked a fitter for that day.