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Clip-together twin wall chimney parts

No chimney? Take advantage of a FREE design service and telephone assistance OR order items individually here.

Twin wall flue is a clip-together system. No adhesives or sealing potions at joints - slide one part into another and add a locking band.

Industry standard diagrams for most situations can be found here (opens new window).

Shed/shack/garden room kits here

If your stove is 5" and DEFRA approved choose a 5" stove to 5" liner fitting pack. If your stove is 5" and NOT DEFRA approved choose 5" pipe. If stove is 6" choose 6" pipe. If your stove is 4" and stove is DEFRA-approved choose 5" pipe (and a 4-5" adaptor). If your stove is 4" and stove is NOT DEFRA-approved choose 6" pipe and a 4-5" vitreous adaptor and a 5-6" adaptor.

Most of the parts below are available in black or silver

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