Ventilated firestop support set (used to support flue on joists)

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Duraflue Twin Wall was launched to the market during 2014 and, due to its high quality and innovative design, is already a favourite amongst professional stove fitters.

Three parts to this:


1. Plate that takes the weight that goes on top (on joists or wooden floor) and has little upstands of metal to differentiate it from (3)

2.Clamp to stop twin wall falling through (1)

3. Cover plate so everything looks neat on the ceiling.


The pics below are mockups but you should get the idea of how it all works. 


Top plate has lugs and NO combustible material should be inside the lugs area.

Lugs as seen from BELOW

Looking up we would see something like this... polythene would not be in hole of course. The flue would be at least 7cm from the wood and hence you should see no cobustible materials through those events!

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