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Chimney stack ends in loft (somebody took it down)

This article is work in progress and is presently just a list of what is required in the situation described in the title… apologies for the crappy sketch (better that than nothing… never enough hours in the day).



Essentially you require, from stove upwards:

A Stove!

Black vitreous pipe

Adaptor: http://www.stovefitterswarehouse.co.uk/collections/bits-n-bobs/products/deluxe-stub-nose-flue-adaptor-with-bolts-in-stainless-steel >>

Chimney liner

Adaptor http://www.stovefitterswarehouse.co.uk/collections/twin-wall-flue/products/flex-to-twin-wall-adaptor connects liner to twin wall – this you have to site in the loft on top of your old stack. You may need to cap your old stack with a slab with a hole in the middle or a metal plate with a hole in the middle. The plate around the adaptor is 30cm square. Use Thunderbolts to screw it into your old stack.

Twin wall pipe out through roof lengths as required elbows if reqd. (2x elbows creating an offset can be useful as you can spin at the bottom joint amd “aim” the higher section between two rafters.

Flashing for roof http://www.stovefitterswarehouse.co.uk/collections/twin-wall-flue/products/45-degree-rubber-aluminium-flashing

Rafter support http://www.stovefitterswarehouse.co.uk/collections/twin-wall-flue/products/roof-support


Narrow locking bands to secure twin wall items together

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