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Knowledge Tree: Process of buying and installing a wood burning stove

Tree of Knowledge

The Stovefitter's Tree of Knowledge will guide you step by step through the process of purchasing and installing a stove.

Click image above or click here to download the PDF of the Stovefitter's Knowledge Tree

We specialise in the supply of wood burning stoves and install materials (we do not sell gas, oil or electric stoves).

We despatch daily, UK-wide.

We stock many of the finest UK brands including DG, Saltfire, Hobbit, Hamlet, Ekol, Arada, Flavel, Heta Island Pellet Stoves and more.

We test stoves, one stove a month and disregard any models found wanting.

Our top sellers are DG Ivar 5, Hobbit, Saltfire Peanut Bignut, Saltfire Peanut 5, Firewire, Flavel Arundel, Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen, DG Ivar 8, Saltfire Scout, Woodford Lowry, Saltfire Peanut 3, Heta Inspire 45 and Ekol Applepie.

We sell 904 316 chimney liner, twin wall flue, stove pipe and more.

In our Stovefitter's Manual we have DIY advice on hearth sizes and rules, chimney lining, register plates, heat shields, fireplace breakouts, conservatory installs, shed installs, garage installs and more.