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Launched 2014 the Ivar 5 swiftly rose to become one of the top three sellers for Stovefitter's during the winters of 2015/16 and 2016/17 - and deservedly so. This was despite stiff competition from the sub £500 models which, being so light on the wallet, are difficult to compete with. Julian (author of The Stove Fitter's Manual) is considering installing the Ivar in his Cornwall cottage renovation (so ask him if you speak to him ;-)

The Ivar is a modern steel stove with a hugemongous viewing glass and firebox. The single air control sweeps from left to right and provides a level of control we have not seen before in a stove (as of writing this early 2017).

This stove is recommended for those desiring a modern stove that can pump out 4-7.5kW if required.

We like the name as well. Ivar is Nordic and sounds cool. Perhaps if I have a kid I'll call it Ivar... What? I've left it too late? I'm only 54. Okay a dog then. 


For further specifications and recess-size-checker see our big stove database

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  • Does the Ivar have a detachable handle?

    Yes it does. Really useful as the handle is kept cool when not attached!

  • Hello, I am keen to purchase this DG5, can you tell me the warranty length please? Also, do you recommend a supplier of limestone mantel as we need everything from scratch. We currently have a victorian style tiled fireplace. With thanks

    DG ivar 5 has a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. No info on limestone mantels sorry.

  • Hi, what is the cost of the direct air supply option?

    This is shown on the DG brand page