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Dik Geurts DG Ivar 5 Wood Burning Stove 5kW (multifuel via kit)


"This is the stove I own and probably the finest stove available on the market today", Julian Patrick, site owner and author of The Stovefitter's Manual. The Ivar has a large glass and a single-lever air-control. Standard, high-leg and log-store versions are available. Made in Holland.

Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Edwin Dickinson
Ivar 5

Four years in best wood burner we’ve had

Lynne Taylor
DG Ivar 5

This is not my first stove, I wish it had been! Love it! Lovely design, clean lines, great viewing window and easy to light. Smooth moving parts, sturdy, balanced. Its simple to control the air flow, and is very responsive; having just a single lever to adjust airflow takes the guess work out. Very efficient, and heats up quickly so winter should be cosier this year and I don't feel I'll use as many logs. The downside of having it fitted May is I don't need to light it much! Did a lot of reading before choosing DG, and visited Stovefitters Warehouse to see one before deciding. Once I saw it, that was that! Very pleased. Roll on winter!

DEFRA Approved Logo

DEFRA Approved

This stove can burn wood in a Smoke Control Area (most towns and cities are Smoke Control Areas).

DEFRA Approved

This stove can burn wood in a Smoke Control Area (most towns and cities are Smoke Control Areas)

Our collection of DEFRA approved stoves

Eco Design 2022

Eco Design 2022

This stove is certified as Ecodesign compliant (has passed the new and stringent 2022 regulations).

Ecodesign & myths about pollution

Eco Design 2022

This stove is certified as Ecodesign compliant (has passed the new and stringent 2022 regulations)

Eco Design & Myths About Pollution

See our Top 10 Eco Design Stoves

Heat Output


Material: Steel with a cast-iron door

Output: 5kW
(max approx: 7.55kW)

Material & Output

Material: Steel with a cast-iron door

Output: 5kW
(max approx: 7.55kW)

Stove Dimensions


Width: 450mm
Height: 555mm
Depth: 350mm

5" (125mm)


Width: 450mm
Height: 555mm
(High 660mm, Logstore 850mm)
Depth: 400mm

5" (125mm)

Key selling points


A Stovefitters favourite
Premium Product
Single air control
Created in Holland


Key Selling Points

A Stovefitters favourite
Premium Product
Single air control
Created in Holland

Stovefitters' opinion

Julian's Thoughts

I have this stove and consider it the finest stove I have ever used.

DG Ivar 5 review by Stovefitter's

Julian's Thoughts

I have this stove and consider it the finest stove I have ever used

DG Ivar 5 review by Stovefitter's

Note from Julian

Note from Julian: Because I sing their praises I get asked if I have any affiliation with DG. I do not. I spotted their stoves in 2014 at the Hearth and Home Show, Harrogate, and have been a dealer ever since. I have no relationship with DG aside from retailing their stoves and get no preferential treatment or trade discounts.


About the DG Ivar 5

"I’ve had many woodburners over the years in various houses and without any doubt this is the best ever!" Mr Powell (see reviews)

Our video, above, shows the Ivar 8 (slightly wider than the Ivar 5)

DG Ivar 5 black
We appreciate that the Ivar is more of an initial outlay than many other stoves but, as stove lovers, we feel it is worth it. Your stove will be the focus of a room, the heart of the home on a cold winter evening - providing warmth and joy to those you love. The Ivar 5 is "Created in Holland" rather than "Made in China". When you unwrap it you will understand. When you light it you will understand. Some things are worth spending a little more on and we have yet to find a finer stove on the market.
Whereas many stoves have two or even three controls, the Ivar has just the one. It slides smoothly from left to right over a distance of exactly 192mm (about 172mm more than most other stoves). That 192mm of travel is a journey, a display of just what can be achieved when fire and Dutch design skills combine. Every mm of the journey is a joy - slide a little, then slide a little more: fire becomes art. Should you get to see the Ivar 5 in action - then you will understand...
One lever only: slide left to reduce heat and preserve logs, slide right to increase heat. The airwash, to keep the glass completely clear, is adjusted automatically. Simple. You are in control.
A challenge: take a trip to your local stove showroom and play with the controls on different stove brands. Some will have just 10 or 15mm of play, between "flames almost out" and "a fully roaring fire" and it is hard to set the perfect temperature, especially when wearing thick fireproof mitten. Controls may also be "scratchy" - an unsatisfying metal on metal experience.
The Ivar 5 has a cast iron door and a steel body. The glass is infrared Chalcogenide which apparently is a very good thing (something to do with transmitting heat and not scratching when being cleaned).
Launched 2014 the Ivar 5 swiftly rose to become one of the top three sellers for Stovefitter's - and deservedly so. The excellent sales happened despite stiff competition from the sub £500 models.
Julian, (author of The Stove Fitter's Manual) has installed the 5kW Ivar in his Cornish cottage renovation (so ask him if you speak to him ;-). His immediate neighbour was so impressed that he chose the 8kW Ivar (on a log store) and the neighbour the other side also fitted the DG Ivar 5. So three in a row! No stopping word of mouth now - the owners of the village hotel & pub (Marazion Hotel, Cornwall) visited and were also impressed - they removed their recently installed inset stove (not enough heat) and fitted an Ivar 5, followed swiftly by an Ivar 8 in the adjoining Cutty Sark Restaurant. They are now happy as hotel owners in a hotel.
The Ivar is a modern, premium steel stove with a humongous viewing glass and firebox. For those desiring a modern appliance that can pump out 3-7.5kW if required, we recommend the Ivar 5. We like the name as well. Ivar is Nordic and sounds cool. Perhaps if I have a kid, I'll call it Ivar. What? I've left it too late? I'm only 54. Okay, a dog then.
DG Ivar 5

The DG Ivar stove has a distance to combustibles (rear of the appliance) of 400mm but adding a heat shield directly to the back reduces this to 150mm. The Ivar 5 requires a full constructional hearth (choose the Ivar 5 HIGH if you only have a 12mm hearth situation).

Log store

Need somewhere to store those logs? Choose the "Ivar 5 Log Store" version of this stove. The log store version can, if the stove is outside of a fireplace recess, be sited on a hearth with a thickness of just 12mm.

DG Ivar 5 logstore

High legs

The "Ivar 5 High Leg" has slightly longer legs than the standard Ivar 5 ensuring that, if the stove is outside of a fireplace recess, the stove can be sited on a hearth with a thickness of just 12mm.

DG Ivar 5 high leg

Inside the Stove

Images are of the standard "wood burning version" (without optional multifuel kit)


Output & Fuel

Wood only (multifuel with kit).
Nominal 5kW. Max. 7.55kW

Maximum firebox fuel load is 2kg (recommended to extend life of replaceable firebricks)

This stove will run happily at 2kW - 7.55kW depending on fuel load. Note that running the stove at a higher fuel level than that specified in the manufacturer's manual may cause degradation of stove innards (firebricks, baffle etc.) although these are replaceable (and repairable with beige fire cement).

What size stove do I need?

Eco Credentials

This stove meets and exceeds the new 2022 Ecodesign regulations

This stove is approved by DEFRA to burn wood in a Smoke Control Area


82% (as a rough guide 82% of heat goes to the room with 18% going up the chimney).

Don't overthink efficiency. 75%-85% is fine and 90%+ efficiency may not work so well on shorter or difficult chimneys.

External Air
Diameter 80mm

Yes, this stove can be fitted with an external air kit (draws air from outside via pipe direct to stove). Usually this option is not relevant unless a room air-vent is required and the property is airtight (by design or choice).

A kit is needed to convert the stove to "external air ready.

See "Customers Also Bought".

Air vent advice here

Body & Door

Steel stove (5-year body guarantee) with cast-iron door

What to buy steel or cast-iron? Do not overthink. Steel heats fast. Cast-iron takes a little longer but retains heat longer as fire dies.


Hearth thickness: minimum 125mm non-combustible material (can include floor thickness).

The Ivar 5 High and Log store versions can, if outside of a fireplace recess, be sited on a 12mm thick hearth. Note that the standard leg Ivar 5 must have a full 125mm thickness hearth in all situations.

Hearth regulation advice here



Height: 555mm
Height with high legs: 660mm
Height with log store: 850mm
Width: 450mm
Depth: 400mm
Front of pipe to rear of stove: 163mm

Flue outlet: 5" (125mm)

Which fitting pack for my liner? A fitting pack includes all you need except liner and chimney closure plate (also sometimes known as register plate)? Advice here


Viewing area (from outside stove looking in)

Width: 33cm
Height: 32cm


5" (125mm) collar top or rear (can be installed with a 5" or 6" chimney liner)

Top or rear connection

Air Gaps

Distance to combustibles SIDE: 500mm
Distance to combustibles REAR: 400mm (150mm with optional heatshield, see "Customers Also Bought")

To non-combustibles there are no hard rules but, around the stove, a 50mm minimum air gap is recommended to brick/stone. This to be increased to 100mm for rendered or boarded surfaces. Prior to purchasing any stove download the installation manual to check that manufacturers do not have any additional requirements.

Distances & heat shield advice

Log Length

Max Log Length: 37cm

Delivery Promise

We offer 14 days from delivery to report any courier damage to your stove. If a stove is damaged by the courier we will replace or refund as desired.


Manufacturer's Guarantee

The manufacturer offers a 5 year body guarantee


Why do we sell glass insurance (pre-ticked box close to ADD TO CART button)? Because glass is classed, in the stoves industry, as a consumable item and not covered under ANY guarantee by any manufacture for any reason whatsoever. If it breaks or cracks on day one or day twenty it is not covered. If the inside of the glass goes cloudy or gets any kind of surface coating or etching then it is not covered (it will be to do with what you are burning according to manufacturers and glass makers). Glass usually costs £30-£60 plus postage but can be more on higher end models.


Defra-approved or/and Ecodesign stoves are designed and thoroughly tested before being allowed onto the market and every stove sold is identical. In the rare event a stove does not perform as well as expected it is always down to the installation, the chimney or circumstances unique to the property (pressure imbalances caused by local conditions, down drafts etc.). Here at Stovefitter's we have taken stoves back on a number of occasions for testing on our chimney and in every situation the stoves performed as expected (we may of course find a faulty stove one day but never as yet). We may, at our discretion, take a stove back once it has been used and in this situation a 50% refund would be provided (stove would be sold as second hand). We would, however, offer a 33% refund on a replacement stove.


We will happily strive to match any price you may have from any other supplier as long as the other supplier has it in stock.
Offered an "ex-display" or "shop soiled"? We will strive to offer you a new stove for the same price.

Stovefitter's Warehouse is owned and managed by Julian Patrick, blogger and author of The Stove Fitter's Manual. Julian was previously a full-time installer of wood burners for sale (including solid fuel heating systems). He laid down the tools in 2013 to write his stove manual and open a small shop in North Wales (the Wood Stove Hut, soon to grow into The Stovefitter's Warehouse).