DG Ivar 5 (5kW+) Stove

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Launched 2014 the Ivar 5 swiftly rose to become one of the top three sellers for Stovefitter's during the winters of 2015/16 and 2016/17 - and deservedly so. This despite stiff competition from the sub £500 models which, being so light on the wallet, are difficult to compete with.
Julian (author of The Stove Fitter's Manual) has installed the 5kW Ivar in his Cornish cottage renovation (so ask him if you speak to him ;-). Julian's immediate neighbour was so impressed he installed the 8kW Ivar (on a log store) and the owners of the village hotel & pub (Marazion Hotel, Cornwall) visited and were also impressed - they removed their recently installed inset stove and now they have an Ivar 5 as well! 
The Ivar is a modern, premium steel stove with a hugemongous viewing glass and firebox. The single air control sweeps from left to right and provides a level of control we have not seen before in a stove (as of writing this early 2017). This stove is recommended for those desiring a modern stove that can pump out 4-7.5kW if required. We like the name as well. Ivar is Nordic and sounds cool. Perhaps if I have a kid I'll call it Ivar... What? I've left it too late? I'm only 54. Okay a dog then. 
The DG Ivar stove has a distance to combustibles (rear of stove) of 400mm but fit their heat shield directly to the rear of their stove and this is reduced to 150mm.

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(distance to combustible materials and non-combustible materials on page 84/85 of Installation manual)



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Great quality stove

Great stove. Looks like a real quality product, especially comparing to other stoves in similar price range.

D G Ivar 5

Don’t normally write reviews.If you are thinking of purchasing a stove in this price bracket,the DG Is phenomenal in all aspects,from performance and build quality.and looks!
The guys at Stove Fitters advise and deliver on their promises.So pleased that I have chosen this stove and this company for advice and support whilst choosing.

DG Ivar 5

We purchased the stove from Stovefitters Warehouse and fitted it by ourselves using the guides from the Stovefitters Manual.

Couldn’t have been easier. The guides were simple and easy to follow and the answers to my stupid questions were only an email away!

As for the stove, it was easy to install and despite it only being on once for testing, it worked well and really kicked out the heat. Looking forward to the winter!

Well chuffed

Our DG Ivar 5 is amazing, we were going for another stove but changed our minds because of the reviews..........it didn’t disappoint! Staff are friendly, helpful, but most importantly they know the stuff they are selling inside and out. Thanks very much

Great site and fantastic guys for information

Thanks stovefitters warehouse for all your help in choosing and recommendations on all I needed for installing my log burner. I reckon I have saved over £2000 pounds by using you guys. Not to mention a little self satisfaction. Have recommended the diy section to many friends and family who are thinking of having the same thing done.
Just have to wait for the temperature to drop before I get the burner fired up again!
Thanks again

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