Saltfire ST4 8kW Stove "Fat Wallet Not Required" Ecodesign Wood Burning Stove

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The Saltfire ST4 is modern steel stove with an excellent sized viewing glass and firebox. The baffle on this stove is removable for sweeping and steel thickness has been increased over its smaller relative, the 5kw ST2. Must have a full constructional hearth. 3-year guarantee.



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Saltfire st4

Could not be happier with our new satfire st4 stove. It is easy to fire up, very simple to control and gives out an even heat which has trasformed a dark and chilly room in our Victorian house. It looks splendid - a simple modern slant on classic lines - and is a 100 per cent improvement on the open fireplace. Highly recommended for anyone with a large room to heat.

Saltfire ST4 and fitting kit

I installed this stove in my house a few weeks ago and it's been great. I live in Scotland so postage was £120 extra but it came with the peace of mind that I could phone up for advice if I got stuck. Seems to be a well made stove and represent very good value for money.

Modern and Solid design

Everything on this stove feels and looks good quality, and the modern look with it’s big window fits in perfect with our modern style kitchen diner. At the moment we’re about half way through the burning in stage and only using small controlled fires, but I must say the heat output even from a small fire is excellent. I’m still playing with the 3 air inlet controls, but they seem to give you good control over the fire. Something that caught me out at first was during the first couple of hours of small fires smoke came off the stove, at first I thought it was leaking but realised after a very helpful phone call to Aaron at ‘Stove Fitters Warehouse’ that it was just the paint curing - which is apparently common on all new stoves. To sum up we’re really pleased with the Saltfire ST4 and recommend it, and we were also very pleased with the smooth delivery process and communications from SFW and the company’s they use.

Great stove

Purchased this a few weeks ago - quick delivery, nicely packaged - now installed. Lovely, modern looking stove, doddle to self install. Nice big window, and really kicks out some heat (and only burnt wood so far). Impressed with how controllable the fire is is the various vents available. Very happy with purchase. I put in a flue damper to control draw, which I would reccommend (but I do live on top of a windy hill)

saltfire ST4

Clean, easy to operate and most important plenty of heat.