Dik Guerts DG Ivar 8 Stove Ecodesign Wood Burning Stove

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DG IVAR 8 - probably the finest 8kW stove on the market today

Very large glass, huge firebox, highest quality and easily outsmarting many other stoves in the £1k-£1.5k market. Single control. As of the time of writing The DG Ivar is the most controllable stove we have tested.

Read more about the Ivar's level of control and why it is important on the page for the Ivar 5

(distance to combustible materials and non-combustible materials on page 84/85 of Installation manual).
The DG Ivar stove has a distance to combustibles (rear of the appliance) of 500mm but adding a heat shield directly to the back reduces this to 200mm. The Ivar 8 requires a full constructional hearth (choose the Ivar 8 logstore if you only have a 12mm hearth situation).


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I already have a Clearview 750 but needed to replace an old Hunter 7 for my sonny annex( where son lives in converted garage)
I did a lot of research and was impressed by your site and what I learnt when I spoke with you
The stove arrived very well packed and in good condition
It was quickly installed by professional and tested
Son is extremely pleased with performance and ease of use
It is light years better than the Hunter and heat output is better too
He now has no need of the electric underfloor heating which will save him lots

Dik Gurts 8

What a stove! Just superb. Looks modern and stylish. Controls brilliantly. Heat output to the front just what you want. Julian and his team could not have been more informative and helpful. A delight to deal with. Well done.

Fantastic stove

I bought this stove after a lot of research and have been really happy with it. The fitter commented on how it easy it was to install, was impressed with the simplicity of the design and controls, and with the efficiency of the burn.

I eased it in gently (smell not too bad!), and am now burning a proper fire. It uses much less wood than the old one and really punches out the heat. This winter will be much warmer than the last - definitely worth the investement!

Clean, modern design that really puts out heat

ordered the DG Iver 5 after much research - and am very happy. It was definitely worth the extra outlay. The fitter was really impressed with it too, saying that the design is lovely, the control simple and very effective, and it was easy to fit.

I have run it gently a couple of times and it is so much better then what it replaced. It will definitely keep a stone house warm in cold and damp weather. It also doesn't eat fuel like the old stove either - a couple of logs an hour is all it needs to give out a good heat.

I love the simple design - modern but fits well in an old house and a big fireplace!

And I was also happy with Stovefitters - good service and communications about the delivery and sorting out problems with the courier.

Great service and great product.

We ordered two Dik Guerts DG Ivar 5kW+ Ecodesign Wood Burning / Multi Fuel Stoves a few weeks ago and they meet all expectations. They are a great product, perfect for what we needed. We also can't thank Julian enough, he was very helpful answering the many questions we had, helping us design the two different flues we needed - we wouldn't hesitate using Julian and The Stove Fitter's Warehouse again.