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Dik Guerts DG Ivar 8kW+ Ecodesign Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove



Stunning, simply stunning.  Very large glass, huge firebox, highest quality and easily outsmarting many other stoves in the £1k-£1.5k market. Single control. As of the time of writing The DG Ivar is the most controllable stove we have tested.

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(distance to combustible materials and non-combustible materials on page 84/85 of Installation manual).



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DG Ivar 5

After loads of research I decided on the DG Ivar 5 stove and loads more research later I went for the stove fitters warehouse. Delighted with both choices. The stove has a huge window and still gives plenty of heat. Delivery was very rapid and exactly as promised. Top marks!

Review of Aste (same chassis as Ivar but more traditional styling)

DIY install of a DG Aste: we are thrilled. Kitchen open to dining room - volume 66 cu, old house. Outside temp of 4 deg C both rooms up to 22 deg C, average one 1 kg wood log per hour, lever set to 2/3, central heating off. Stove draws well - no blow back or smell of smoke. Large glass - great. Lever control quickly adjusts, from a few flickering flames to full roar and no need for glove to adjust. Logs burn at a rate which is slower (about 1/3) and the heat output is much higher (about x 3) than open fire in previous house. Heat permeates to bedroom above. Before work I light the stove, have a shower, & down to breakfast in a warm room before leaving at 0600. 2 hrs later my wife is up & just needs to put a log on; perfect. Log length of 8-9 inches recommended: logs can be placed aligned front to rear - do not roll against the glass and soot it up. Sweep flue pipe via fire easy. Stovefitters Manual comprehensive and helpful. Delivery from Stovefitters prompt. Emails answered within 48 hours. Support good. All enabled a DIY installation to be undertaken without difficulty. A 6" flue pipe (9m) installed by pulling up from the chimney pot with a rope: remarkably easily. Downwards would have been tricky. Liner not insulated. Stove stepped out into the room by 10 cm using 2x 30 degree elbows to maximise heat output to room. We now know that stoves need drier wood than an open fire to avoid glass smoking up and for the wood to burn well. Estimated heat radiation using the back of a hand as a thermometer is 36 % front glass, 20 % sides, 16 % top, 8% rear, 4 % base & at best guess, 16 % up the chimney. Ash tray 3/4 full after approx 80 hours of burning. My wife initially cautious about me doing a DIY install; we got quotes from 3 local fitters and looked at different review sites. DIY installation: we both agree the right decision. Aste rather than Ivar? Traditional look and the internal mechanics of the two are identical. Thank you Julian, Arran, Emma and Reg.

DG Ivar 5

DG Ivar 5, with fitting pack FP2 with 30 degree elbows. Silvacore 904 flue and stainless cowl. Slate hearth is refurbished 35mm snooker table slate 'floating' on 15mm mortar base. Mantle and corbels a diy effort from scrap timber. Needless to say we are very happy with the installation. I found Julian's online manual invaluable for a diy installation. The stove is excellent and of very good quality, so easy to control too. All materials supplied are also very good indeed. So all all round we couldn't be happier!

Dg ivar

Super looking stove ! Delivery came on time as discussed being fitted next week stovefitters website and staff very helpful . Mr Dickinson

Beautiful Stove, Terrible Couriers

I originally ordered a DG IVAR 8 (8kW stove) and all fittings for delivery on the 20th of November.

Unfortunately the couriers failed to deliver the pallet, and as we were leaving for holiday two days later we deferred delivery to the 6th of December, a day after we got back. The fitting date was the 7th... Stove Fitters Warehouse (SFW) arranged a pre 10AM delivery.

Unfortunately the couriers failed to deliver again.

After a number of conversations with SFW a pre 10AM was arranged for the fitting day and I warned the fitters that there could be a delay.

The stove and fittings arrived the following day (almost exactly at 10AM) and SFW stayed in close contact with me though the morning.

Now that it's here and fitted the stove is brilliant.

I would however suggest that SFW review their courier choice.

Hi Hasan, Sorry the couriers let you down. To be honest there is absolutely no point in changing couriers. This is the third company we have used and the best of three. I talk to other online retailers and they all have trouble with courier companies at times. Our success rate is 95%-97% which is probably as good as any courier company can get to. The other 3-5% cause us much heartache and stress from disgruntled customers. I really wish it were different. Once again I apologise that the couriers let you down. Julian
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