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Best Ecodesign Stoves for 2020 (5kW)

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Stoves on this page were tested for at least 40 hours and are our choice for 2020.

Stay warm,

Julian Patrick (ex-installer, owner of Stovefitter's Warehouse and author of The Stovefitter's Manual)


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The Top Ten Defra Ecodesign Stoves

Ekol Crystal £549

A 5kW traditional-looking and small cast-iron multifuel stove that is tremendous value for money. Heavy and well-built. Ekol great company to deal with (excellent customer service).

Ekol Crystal £549

Saltfire ST1 Vision £595

Good basic, budget log burner at an excellent price. Decent sized firebox and glass.

Saltfire ST1 Vision £595

Hamlet SC £595

The very latest version of the UK-manufactured and very popular Hamlet Solution 5. Very easy to light as incoming air concentrated in small area of base (similar to Peanut "Fast Flame" further down in this list).

An excellent ten-year guarantee on the stove body provides reassurance. Log burner as standard, multifuel kit available.

Hamlet SC £595

Firewire £599

There are a few contemporary stoves on the market worth buying at this price point and the Firewire is certainly fighting it out at the top of the list. Cleanest glass of any stove we have ever tested.

This is a wood burning stove (oft referred to as a log burner).

Firewire 400 £599

Saltfire Peanut £699

The best-selling multifuel stove of the autumn/winter 2019 - to the point that UK stores ran out of stock. Love the fact they are cast-iron yet contemporary in design. Love the "Fast Flame" feature.

Top favourite without a doubt.

Saltfire Peanut £699

Saltfire Bignut £798

The wonderfully named "Bignut" is a larger version of the standard-sized contemporary Peanut 5 multifuel stove and the biggest seller of the range.

Saltfire Bignut £798

Flavel Arundel XL £799

We had this contemporary stove on test in our office (old stone Chapel, difficult to heat). It passed the "Arran" test (he did not pester me to end the test early so "we can get something warmer in"). Large glass, loads of heat and very controllable.

Flavel Arundel XL £799

Ekol Applepie £799

Okay it's 4kW but we love it.

A small, contemporary Ecodesign wood burning and multifuel stove that loves small spaces: snug, home office, shed, boat, caravan, bedroom, extension, conservatory, glamping, van and any small room that needs warming. Chic and very well designed.

Ekol Applepie £799

Charnwood C4 Eco £1002

The Isle of Wight is where this extremely popular wood burnning stove is manufactured, making it an ideal choice for those requiring "Made in Britain". A design classic.

Multi fuel kit available for this stove.

Charnwood C4 Eco £1002

DG Ivar £1255

"When you unwrap it you will understand. When you light it you will understand. Some things are worth spending a little more on and we have yet to find a finer contemporary wood burning stove on the market".

Multi fuel kit available for this stove.

Julian Patrick, Author of The Stovefitter's Manual

DG Ivar £1255




All ten 5kW stoves are certified as Ecodesign compliant (have passed the new and stringent 2022 regulations).


All ten 5kW stoves can burn wood in a Smoke Control Area (most towns and cities are Smoke Control Areas).

Useful Stuff

Free gift: A, B, C, D or E

Delivery promise (14 days to report any damage)

WHY YOU NEED OUR Exceptional guarantee (6-months even if stove used)

What if I get a lemon? What if I'm unhappy when I unwrap it? What if it does not agree with my chimney?
Chimney and stove not agreeing with each other? Although rare it really does happen and it is usually cured by swapping the stove for another. Why? Who knows? We have had a few stoves that "whistled". When we swapped the stove the problem stopped but when we put the stoves on a different chimney they do not whistle. We have had a few stoves that let smoke into the room when refuelling - swap the stove and the problem is cured. Test the stove on a different chimney and all is well.
Most retailers will not replace or refund if it is a problem with the chimney. You will have to sell your stove yourself (at a great loss as stove second-hand value is very poor) and purchase another.
If your stove's retail price is under £1500: Should you not be happy with your stove for any reason, within the first three months from purchase, we will arrange to have the stove collected from your premises (we pay first £48 delivery collection cost, covers most UK postcodes, you pay additional in rare situation cost rises above £48 for any reason). Stove installed and has been used? No worry. We will pay you up to £100 to have it removed by a Hetas registered installer.
As soon as the stove is back with us we will provide a FULL REFUND of the cost of the stove. We will even post you a pallet and straps as required (you will need to prepare it ready for our driver). This exceptional guarantee lasts for a full three months from date of delivery EVEN IF THE STOVE IS USED as long as normal wear and tear.
Between three and six months, we offer exactly the same but without the £100 stove-removal offer.
On this, you have my word.


Julian Patrick
Managing Director Stove Fitter's Warehouse and Author of The Stove Fitter's Manual


*The "exceptional money-back guarantee" applies only to black stoves or stoves that have a retail value inc. VAT of £1,500 or less. INSET OR CASSETTE STOVES ARE NOT INCLUDED. STOVES NOT ADVERTISED ON are NOT INCLUDED.

Goobledygook explained

Boarded surface: Fireproof board (usually 10-20mm thick) for lining fireplace recesses or sealing off bottom of chimney. Available builder's merchants or specialist stove stores. Example is Hardiebacker see here:
Lining a fireplace:

Capacity: A Stovefitter's figure, in cm2, as to the useable inside area of the stove with regard to fuel load.

Chimney liner: A stainless steel tube, slides down a brick/stone chimney to provide a smooth and safe route for smoke.
See also "Fitting Pack". If no chimney then see here:

Chimney plate: Seals off bottom of chimney above stove. If fitting a chimney liner will be made of metal or fireproof board (see boarded surface).

Collar: The place on the stove where the first section of chimney pipe inserts.

Cowl: Sits on top of chimney pot and stops rain/birds getting into chimney.

DEFRA: Department of Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (UK).

Firebox: The inside of the stove where the fuel sits. The bigger this is the more fuel and therefore the more heat.

Fitting pack: Purchased with stove and chimney liner (stove+liner+fitting pack and off you go!). Includes all you need from stove to cowl and we can choose the correct pack for you depending on your liner and stove. Fitting Pack does not include chimney plate or CO detector - these items can be purchased separately or are often available as a free gift with our stoves. Use our SEARCH button, top right of website to search for "fitting pack" for more detailed info. See infographic here:

Flue: If a polo mint is the chimney, the flue is the hole.

Hearth: The area underneath the stove.

Internal firebox: See also "Firebox".

kW: Kilowatts per hour. See also "Firebox".

Liner: See Chimney liner.

Log store: An area under a stove for storage of logs. May be a separate part (can be retrofitted) or may be part of the actual stove design (cannot be retrofitted).

Max. output: Stovefitter's deduction of maximum output using a reasonably full fuel load.

Multi-fuel: Can burn wood, smokeless fuel or coal.

Nominal: "about" or "approx."

Renewable energy: is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat

Smoke Control Area: A smoke control area is a legally defined area where only approved solid fuels or exempted appliances (eg wood burning stoves) can be used within buildings. You could face a fine of up to £1,000 if you break the law.

Useable height: A Stovefitter's term that helps determine how much fuel can be stacked in a stove - equal to 15cm above the point at which fuel can fall out of the firebox when the stove door is opened. Any higher than this and opening the door increases chance of fuel falling onto hearth.

Wood burning stove: Can burn only wood. Some stoves can be retrofitted with a multifuel-kit (usually just a grate that is fitted into the bottom of the stove, a five-minute task).

See also our FAQ and Easy-Guides here


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