Firewire 5kW Stove Ecodesign Wood Burning Stove


ABOUT THE FIREWIRE 400, 450, 500

Three stoves, all 5kW.  Three widths to suit different fireplace dimensions.

400: Portrait
450: Landscape
500: Large

The Firewire range is Ecodesign Ready and all models have a lifetime stove-body warranty.

Firewire is Stovefitter's range of high-quality product at a very reasonable price point.

All models are steel with a cast-iron door. Silver handle.

Arran (Stovefitter's Sales Manager) has just installed this stove in his new house (he has been without fire for a while so is super excited). So he is your man if you want to contact us on this one!






Customer Reviews

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Firewire just finished testing

An Ecodesign stove with large glass, lifetime body-warranty, can go on a 12mm hearth and at a very reasonable price. Sounds great. But is it any good? Well, yes it is actually and I am very impressed indeed. This is a wood-only stove so the wood sits straight on the floor of the stove. You may need to crack the door open a tad to get things going but I often find this on pure wood-only stoves (no air rushing through from underneath like with the multifuel stoves or some wood stoves with base air-grids). Once up and running the single air control works beautifully and kicks out a great deal of heat (as you can see from the short video taken during testing). The Firewire looks good as well and that's important. Love it when testing shows things to be as they should be. And finally... after half a dozen burns of about ten hours each the glass is as clear as it was when it was unwrapped and that is a first for me!