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Bits n Bobs: Vitreous pipe: Sealing plate 9" (225mm) square screws to closure plate or register plate

Materials always in stock (4 UK-wide depots).

Nine-inch square plate with internal membrane of fireproof material. Is cosmetic and not designed to make any kind of airtight seal (smoke is contained in liner so is purely an aesthetic device). Brilliant product that provides a neat method of surrounding the black vitreous flue pipe as it passes through a closure plate (the plate that seals off your chimney above your stove).

Note: the sealing plate is bare metal and can be sprayed as required to colour (black stove paint is ideal). No screws included (these supplied, if required, as part of "Useful Items" pack although standard screws will suffice if screwing into Hardiebacker closure plate).

Note: the sealing plate is galvanised steel but can be sprayed as required to colour (black stove paint is ideal).

Top tip: No fire cement or glue of any kind is used when connecting vitreous pipe to vitreous pipe - it is just push-fit. When to use fire cement on flue joints? Use the SEARCH function and type "sealing flue joints".

Customer Reviews

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Flue fitting made easy! Order 12047

Julian was very helpful in designing our flue. I hadn’t fitted a stove before so it was reassuring to have him on hand to make sure I had everything needed.

On arrival the parts were well packaged and great quality.
One Sunday and plenty of tea, we have a functioning stove ready for winter.
Great service and a quality product!

Fits like a glove

Purchased this sealing plate a while ago and now it been installed for around 6 months all I can say is that I'm really happy with it. It fits well and there are no gaps, or drafts when the stove isn't lit.