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Vitreous/adaptor fireproof webbing PER METRE for sealing flue joints (stove and adaptor connections)

Very useful in stove fitting:

Wrap around tapered end of vitreous pipe before inserting pipe into stove (does away with fire cement which tends to dry very brittle and fails easily)

Wrap around adaptor where adaptor slides into vitreous pipe (adaptor connects vitreous to liner)


Customer Reviews

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Mark Ratcliffe
Accessible and patient

I’m a self builder and it seemed to have a stove fitted was going to eat away at my budget due to the building regulations. The Stovefitters web site provided an immense amount of detail regarding how to fit your own stove and advice on to approach the local building control team. The team where patient and dealt with my queries quickly and in detail. We now have a fantastic stove fitted and the satisfaction of doing the work myself.
Thanks Mark

Don MacIsaac
Saltfire Peanut 5

What a super little stove. This is in a room 15*15 feet and up to the pitch of the roof 18 feet. It warms the room really well and with being cast iron holds it heat for ages. It also seems to burn very little wood and like other reviews will relight from almost nothing with the “booster vent “ in the base. Communication after the purchase was great and everything arrived intact. Would recommend to anyone. We now have three stoves, a Stovax (good), a Portway ( heats well but goes rusty because not cast iron) , and this Peanut (excellent).