DG Odin (8kW+) Stove

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About this stove

This is an absolute stunning stove and aptly named Odin after the God of Norse mythology!
There are 3 stoves in the Odin range:
Odin Tunnel Fixed - This is a freestanding or floating double sided model.
Odin Tunnel Plateau - This is a double sided model on the asymmetrical log stand.
Odin Plateau - This is a single sided stove on the asymmetrical log store.



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  • Does the Ivar have a detachable handle?

    Yes it does. Really useful as the handle is kept cool when not attached!

  • Hello, I am keen to purchase this DG5, can you tell me the warranty length please? Also, do you recommend a supplier of limestone mantel as we need everything from scratch. We currently have a victorian style tiled fireplace. With thanks

    DG ivar 5 has a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. No info on limestone mantels sorry.

  • Hi, what is the cost of the direct air supply option?

    This is shown on the DG brand page

  • Does this stove require a sweep door in the pipe or can the flue be swept from inside the stove?

    It can be swept easily from inside the stove :-)

  • first time of using and there is a lot of smoke in the room, is this to be expected and whatever it is will burn off quickly?

    Yes paint curing. Open a window. Happens first hour or two of burning then goes away.