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904 316 Chimney Flue Liner Silvacore 5" 6" German Engineered


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Flue liner

Really nice product went in a dream as it had some flex but still easy to push through. Service was brilliant needed it for a certain day and it came on that day, well packaged ready to go.

Only had the flue installed for a few months but cannot fault the service and product.

Would definitely recommend to anyone installing a log burner.

Excellent service and great products

This is the first time I have used Stovefitter’s Warehouse and I am pleased I did. I have recommended them others already. The pricing was good and the product excellent. I found the web site very informative and easy to use. It was refreshing to receive personal communication about the delivery. The delivery was prompt and on an agreed date. All round it has been a good experience. Thank you Stovefitter’s Warehouse! 12708


About Silvacore Liner

Wood burning stove
UK Made, German engineered

Silvacore is created on a German-made machine imported to the UK. Only two brands are made on this beautifully-engineered machine and one of the two brands is Silvacore (the other is Duraflue). "I have Silvacore in my chimney" (Julian Patrick, author of The Stovefitter's Manual).

A flue liner is not a product you want to fail within just a few years. Silvacore is designed for professional trade-fitters desiring a premium product for chimney lining.

Silvacore chimney liner is created from TWO compressed stainless-steel layers and this unique laminate stays smooth when the product is passed around chimney bends (with a lesser-quality liner the laminate usually comes apart when dragged through bends - allowing acids from soot deposits to enter and later cause corrosion).

904 and 316 are grades of stainless steel. If you are a heavy user of coal/smokeless fuel then one would be advised to ensure that, as a minimum, the inside layer of your liner is 904 grade.



Silvacore is available in three levels of quality:
316 - wood only, light use

316 (15-year guarantee): suitable for non-eco-design stoves, wood-only fuel use, light use. This liner has an inner core of 316 grade stainless.

Thickness 0.9mm.

904 - light to medium, all fuels


904 (30-year guarantee): suitable for all stoves and all fuels (including eco-design stoves), light to medium use. This liner has an inner core of 904 grade stainless.

Thickness 0.9mm.

W3G - Heavy use, all fuels

W3G* (lifetime guarantee): suitable for all stoves and all fuels (including eco-design stoves) and heavy use. W3G has a treated double-layer of 904 grade stainless.

Thickness 0.9mm.

Silvacore can be fitted any way up

Unlike most other brands (where the layers separate on bends) Silvacore can be installed any way up in the chimney.


Slumbering a stove or "banking it up" overnight can shorten the life of the liner. This is because the bad stuff in the gases is not burned off and condenses within the liner. Slumbering is bad for liner, cowl and the environment. Don't do it. Do not mix wood with coal or smokeless fuel (moisture in wood reacts and creates Sulphuric acid). If you insist on slumbering you must choose W3G.

Dura flue silvacore

Only two brands are licensed to use W3G technology: Silvacore and Duraflue. Silvacore is manufacture in the Duraflue factory.

Choosing and Fitting

Choosing a Liner

Choose the best you can. Guarantees are great but no manufacturer will ever pay for the removal of your old liner or the fitting of the new liner.

Must I line my chimney?

How to measure chimney?

Fitting packs (everything else you need)


316: 15 years*

904: 30 years*

W3G (double-core 904): LIFETIME*

*Assumes proper fuels burned.

W3G first ten years NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE

W3G Lifetime Guarantee


As is the norm with chimney-liner manufacturers, chimney liner CANNOT be returned as this is a customised cut-to-length item direct from manufacturer on your behalf.
So please measure and choose carefully.

What Else Do I Need to Buy to Install My Stove?

1x Stove (self explanatory but best 5kW selection here)

1x Chimney Liner: buy liner here

1x Chimney Liner Fitting pack:

If your stove is 5" collar and DEFRA approved (covers most stoves) then you can choose a 5" stove to 5" liner

If your stove is 5" collar and NOT DEFRA approved then choose 5" stove to 6" liner.

If stove is 6" collar then choose a fitting pack here.

If your stove is 4" collar and stove is DEFRA-approved then choose 4" stove to 5" liner.

If your stove is 4" collar and stove is NOT DEFRA-approved then choose 5" stove to 6" liner and add this stove adaptor.

1x Closure plate: more info and buy here

With all of the above this is everything you need except a few tools.


Below are two excellent videos on fitting a liner and then the stove. Note that our Silvacore liner no longer has arrows - it is uni-directional so can be fitted either way. We also generally provide hanging cowl (connects to liner) so the other bits inside the chimney pot in the video are not required.

Delivery Promise

We offer 14 days from delivery to report any courier damage to your parts. If your item is damaged by the courier we will replace or refund as desired.


We will happily strive to match any price you may have from any other supplier as long as the other supplier has it in stock.
Offered an "ex-display" or "shop soiled"? We will strive to offer you a new stove for the same price.

Already have a chimney? You need 1. Stove 2. Liner 3. Fitting Pack 4. Chimney closure plate (Hardiebacker board from Builder's merchants or galvanised sheet).That's it!
No chimney? Check out our shed kits or let us design your clip-together chimney design - easy peasy.

Julian Patrick, author of the Stovefitter's Manual

Stovefitter's Warehouse is owned and managed by Julian Patrick, blogger and author of The Stove Fitter's Manual. Julian was previously a full-time installer of wood-burning stoves (including solid fuel heating systems). He laid down the tools in 2013 to write his stove manual and open a small shop in North Wales (the Wood Stove Hut, soon to grow into The Stovefitter's Warehouse).

More info about the company and Julian's team here