6" heavy-grade vitreous Tee with door VIT90TX6

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For rear of stove connection. You must be able to access this part for sweeping; if your stove is in a recess you must have large left and right air gaps to facilitate access and sweeping.

To strengthen flue pipe connections use short metal to metal self tappers, available in our Useful Items collection.

As with all vitreous pipe the bottom end narrows to a lesser diameter to enable insertion into other pieces of pipe (male is always on top). Key reason is that any condensation that trickles down inside pipe cannot escape. Straight lengths can be cut using a grinder and 115mm cutting disc (available from this online store).

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  • Hi. I am a bit confused over the 45 degree rule. The building regs mention no bends over 45 an so does your site but then says a 90 degree tee off the back of a stove is an option? Am i missing something? Thanks Robin

    The 90 degree off the rear of the stove is the only exception. It is actually a T shape as it has a soot door.