Saltfire wood burning & multifuel stoves

Saltfire Stoves: are designed and distributed in the UK by Saltfire Stoves UK. This brand can be described as: "excellent value for money and a delight to fit". What we particularly like: All Saltfire Stoves can be fitted to a 5"liner, can be placed on a 12mm hearth (when freestanding) and the company do not create unnecessary over-rigid rules to do with air gaps to non-combustible materials. Company owners are a pleasure to deal with and their customer service is superb. The ST2 is Stovefitter's best selling stove (obviously the price helps). New ST-X range may change everything! Niggles: Small ashpan on the ST2. Handle mechanisms basic. Best sellers from this brand: ST2 (best seller), ST1 Vision, ST3, ST4 (new ST-X range may change things). Their website can be found at: no website