Julian's Favourite Stoves

Note from Julian: If it were me I would buy a Saltfire Peanut or, if I had the funds, a DG Ivar. If funds would not stretch to this a British-made Hamlet (but I would save a bit more and go for the Peanut).

5kW Budget (under £500)

 Flavel Arundel £499


5kW Mid price (£500-£950)

Firewire £599-£699


 Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen £599


Peanut "Bignut" £799



5kW Premium £900+

Charnwood C4 Ecodesign £912


Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen £995


DG Ivar 5 £1215


8kW Budget (under £800)

Saltfire Peanut 8 £799

8kW Mid price (£800-£1000)

 Woodford 7kW £949

8kW Premium £900+

 DG Ivar 8 £1315 


Arada Farringdon Medium £1395