Julian's Favourite Stoves

5kW Budget (under £550)

1. Hamlet Solution 5SC (British made excellent for the price)

Besides this - I would really suggest spending a little more and moving into the next price band.


5kW Mid price (£550-£900)

1. Woodford 5 2. Saltfire ST-X5


5kW Premium £900+

1. DG Ivar 5 2. Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen 3. Charnwood C4

8kW Budget (under £700)

1. Saltfire STX-8


8kW Mid price (£700-£900)

The new Woodford 7kW is the top contender in this category. I cannot find anything else I would add but I will keep my eye out.


8kW Premium £900+

1. DG Ivar 8 2. Arada Farringdon Medium

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